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Chakra Healing Online Courses

Chakra healing online courses This is an online course over SKYPE from Monday to Friday for a duration of Thirty minutes. The entire duration of course is 3 months Features of this course: In twelve life

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Meet Venkata Ramana Who am I? A Modern day mystic who incorporates holistic and spiritual practices to heal and balance the chakras.

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Chakra Healing Services

I offer the below chakra healing services on this website. All of them are distance or remote sessions. The sessions will be conducted through Skype/Google Hangout/Facetime/whatsapp.

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Hello! Want to avoid the 5 Mistakes Every Beginner Meditator Makes?

And start Meditating like a Zen Monk ?

The No 1 Reason why most of you can’t Meditate is because of your Monkey Mind. If you avoid the 5 Mistakes that I teach you in this free Ebook, you will meditate like a Zen Monk. Guarenteed!!

Want to Register for the upcoming Chakra-healing Retreat?

Jan 10 - 13 Hyderabad 2020

Chakra healing Retreat is a life transformational and empowering event that opens up your awareness and expands the dimensions of your being.

In this workshop,

– You will learn powerful technique on how to balance and empower all your chakras.

– You will learn  techniques to get rid of many years of accumulated karma.

– You will learn how to use your own healing power to heal and transform yourself.

– You will learn how to peel of layers of self and social conditioning, judgements, opinions & point of views (which create limiting beliefs) that will reveal the real & New YOU.

You will learn how to create a life you always wanted but were afraid of disappointment.

– You will know the eternal Universal laws that governs us and every other life on this planet and how to live with the flow. This will help you to become a master player of this game of life. 

– You will know how to become a Conscious Creator of your own life experiences.

– You will learn powerful Chakra healing codes that will help you to open, align, heal and balance all your chakras.

– New exercises, meditations & processes will heal you at a deeper level, release the past, identify & clear limited beliefs, enhance your perspective and elevate you to higher spiritual dimensions which will bring a new round of miracles into your life.

If you are ready for transformation, then let’s meet on Jan 10 2020 in Hyderabad 

Whats app: 9177397261 on for more details


For many years, I have been believing that I am a victim and only miracles can help solve my problems. With Venkat Sir’s online classes and his constant guidance on meditation techniques and simple tips and tricks, I have come to realize and internalize that I can choose to create the miracles that I want. Self-help books and other classes that I had taken earlier did help me but the core set of problems remained for years. With Venkat Sir’s techniques, I could see why the core set of problems never resolved and I am happy to say that with practice, I have been able to chip away the layers. I am so much happier and calmer in all spheres of life as I have been able to let go of burdensome “possessions” like habits, negative people, relationships or hurtful memories… This was impossible before as I could not evaluate my life objectively at all. I am not the perfect practitioner yet…however, I know that with Venkat Sir’s guidance and with my practice, I will be able to realize the true-self and see that all universe is filled with divine light and love.

Testimonial Rashmi
Chakra healing Course gave me clarity and calmness .

Before I took Chakra Healing course I was in tension And not happy how business was shaping up. Venkat Sir helped me and now I’m very happy that business is growing steadily, relations with family are more cordial than ever. Thankyou sir, for guiding me at the right time. Most importantly I like how u just show the way and leave the rest on us to make our own way. This has actually helped me to solve lot of other issues on my own. Forgot to mention that I was successful in controlling my acidity without any medicine. I can also patch up an heated argument by making peace between people. ? All the credit goes to our one and only mentor

Testimonial Ramesh
I found my wisdom in chakra-healing

I first learn about chakras and their potential from Venkat Sir. I fall sick a lot lesser now and able to heal myself from seasonal cold ,cough , fever and other common ailments. Before learning these techniques, I had no other recourse apart from conventional medication. My back pain has reduced considerably too. I was also able to avoid financial difficulty by following his Advice on a potential business proposal. I truly believe there is much more potential and benefits to the techniques I have learnt if they are practiced diligently and regularly. The best part about these techniques are that they are simple and easy to apply. Thank You Sir for putting me onto a path of constant betterment!!.

Testimonial Learned Chakra healing Techniques and avoided a financial disaster
Learned Chakra healing Techniques and avoided a financial disaster

I have taken healing courses given by Venkat. It has helped me learn various facets of my life and has made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses. Further, it has helped me to give healing to others. Venkat is a wonderful teacher who has an ability to teach everyone has up their own level of spirituality. I have been witness to various healings done by him. He is an awesome modern day guru who blends his ways so that it can be understood in a simple and jargon free way. I would highly recommend any of the courses of Venkat without a shadow of doubt.

Testimonial I strongly recommend Chakra-healing Courses
I strongly recommend Chakra-healing Courses

n 2015 Before I took up workshop held in bangalore & after that 3 months course on healing, I was in a state of confusion about myself ,inspite of being into business & having people around ,i still didn’t have a proper clarity if am moving upward in life or a downfall ,had more of victim feel ,suffered with congestion to voice out my opinion.i suffered from chronic cough & border line thyroid.Self healing helped me and now am out of the cough pattern completely , my thyroid reports are normal which has allowed me to be more healthy ,focused balanced ,learnt about truth of chakras, their influence on our thoughts.
Am very thankful to mentor for being the channel of universe in guiding towards my higher self.Today have come out of the feel of being an victim or a controller. Am much relaxed with acceptance of truth that,life is all about energies ,frequency & vibration.
Wealth health happiness everything is just a form of frequency which I need to tune into & thankyou for teaching all the techniques.I accept whole heartedly that,
We are the Co creators of our life pattern & energy flows where attention goes.

Testimonial The 3 months online healing course helped me gain clarity and normalise my Thyroid
The 3 months online healing course helped me gain clarity and normalise my Thyroid

Welcome To Chakra-Healing

What is the easiest way to align your chakras? A Simple answer would be : Using the principle of Resonance. When your Body-Mind is Entrained to a set frequency, Your brain starts pulsating to this New Frequency without any effort on your part.

This is exactly what happens when you listen to this chakra healing Tracks. All you have to do is download the chakra healing tracks, grab your stereo headphones, sit, relax and let the music align your body mind with your chakras.

Too good to be true? Try it out and if you don’t feel the difference, ask for a refund and keep the tracks as my gift. That is how confident I am about my muiscal tracks. Once you complete the payment process you will recieve the download link on your email ID.

Price: Rs 600/-


Chakra healing

Sometimes in your life, you feel, you just don’t know what is going on. There are patterns repeating over and over. Business failure, Job loss, Break-ups, Divorce, a feeling of being STUCK  frustrates and disappoints you and your loved ones. If you are one of them then its time to set up a skype call with me. Sometimes all you need is a different perspective which can save a lot of Time, Energy and Money. The reason I wan to do this call is because I feel you deserve happiness and Peace of MIND. And  I am here to help you find that and dissolve your problems. Click the  Image to schedule your call on skype.