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My Vision

My Vision is to help you break-free from your Karma. Help you dissolve your negative thoughts and emotions. Help you to escape the rat race and experience your peak potential.

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Is it always necessary to take permission of others before you heal them?
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How I dissolved some of my negative karma

I knew Venkat since 2015, and I have been his student since then. He healed my health; he taught me healing techniques and few other practices. I was extremely happy with the results as they are beyond my imagination and understanding, but the simplicity of the techniques is what made them special.

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How I started seeing light beings

October 2018 was a momentous month for me. Actually, every single day from the time I joined Chakra-Healing has been momentous for me, but I singled out October 2018 because that is when I first started seeing light beings. I did not know it then, but every workshop and retreat I had attended before October 2018 and every spiritual practice…

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5 ways to achieve higher vibration

Unconsciousness is nothing but the beliefs and behaviours you gathered along from your failures, from lack of knowledge, from other people, society and media etc . You run your whole life from the perspective of this borrowed knowledge. You give away your power to this unconsciousness, because you don’t believe in your worth as co creator.

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