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Why do you feel Inferior?

Alexander The Great visited a sage in the city of Takshashila or Taxila. He entered the ashram, and surprised to see the grace and beauty of this sage.

And suddenly he felt inferior. Alexander could not believe why he was feeling inferior in the presence of this sage, who is simple and humble sitting under the tree and meditating.



He asked himself ” Why am I feeling Inferior? Just a moment ago I was fine, feeling great! I have never felt like this ! I have even faced death in so many battles and wars, but never felt like this ! Why are my hands shaking and legs trembling? Why am I feeling so inferior in front of this sage?

He expressed his feelings to the sage. The sage gently opened his eyes and asked him to follow him. Both of them went outside the ashram.

The sage pointed his hand towards the trees and said ‘ Look at these trees, the long ones and the short ones they both existed by the side of my window for years, there has never been any problem. The smaller tree has never said ‘ Why do I feel inferior to you’ to the big tree.

Listening to this Alexander The Great said ‘ Learned one, because this tree never compared itself to the big tree’!! The sage said there is your answer!

You start feeling inferior when you want to feel superior !! Because there is always something out there which is better than you, you will fall short and that brings the inferior feeling within you.

The one who is feeling superior is always afraid that some one will come and expose their inferiority. So they try hard to intimidate others or show off their superiority.

Inferiority and superiority are two sides of the same coin ! They are always together, they cannot be separated. They cannot live without each other!

Comparison brings Inferiority and superiority. When you don’t compare everything disappears. It does not matter if you are tall or short, white or dark. You are unique in your own way and existence needs you. And when you stop comparing yourself then, you will allow yourself to experience the true nature of your being.

Just look around, everything is needed!! That’s what makes this existence complete. Accept yourself the way you are !

Now the chakras that cause these feelings are

  1. The Basic Chakra
  2. The Solar plexus Chakra
  3. The Throat chakra

When you cleanse, energize and balance these chakras, you will feel stable and content. You will no longer feel the need to compare yourself with others. Then that day you will experience real happiness.


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