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Why do people consume Alcohol?

If you notice, after consuming alcohol, you will  get very excited, energized.

You will start talking and doing things you would otherwise never do.

And after a while you are unconscious.

If you observe, when alcohol is taken into the bloodstream, the body doesn’t have the capacity to digest it.

So it is sent back into your bloodstream which in turn is sent to the brain. When alcohol reaches  your brain, the conscious part of the brain becomes less conscious, and all that is stored in your subconscious mind starts coming out.

If you have been suppressing emotions in your life or don’t know any other way to let go off your emotions, you need a way out to express those emotions without feeling guilty or without being judged by any other individual.

So, the best way you think to express these emotions is by consuming alcohol.

A mental disorder

As mentioned earlier, when you consume alcohol, your conscious mind gets paralyzed and the sub conscious mind throws out all the thoughts that you have supressed.

That is the reason why, when you are drunk get so excited and others mistake that as happiness, but this is actually a mental disorder.

When you don’t find any excitement in life, get bored easily and  has  nothing else to do because of your own thought patterns, is the time you head straight to a BAR.

You start thinking that you are having a good time and that’s when you tend to express everything that is suppressed in your mind right from childhood, from this life or from the past life.

But if you see, all who have consumed alcohol express everything and after some time get exhausted and become unconscious.

The next day when they are awake, they feel lighter and assume it that it is because of the alcohol.

However, it’s not due to the consumption of alcohol that you are feeling lighter but because you were able to express and relieve of the suppressed emotions from your subconscious mind and tend to feel better which is the good part.

But the bad part is that as the alcohol cannot be digested, it goes to the brain and slowly over a period of time starts effecting each and every organ of your body eating away the energy that the body needs to digest alcohol.

For example a car runs on diesel, petrol or gas but if you start mixing water in the fuel and pour it into the car, over a period of time the car engine gives up. The same happens with humans too.

Is drinking a scial trend?

People think partying or social drinking is a trend but that’s a misconception.

In reality what happens is that you get psychologically depressed or suppressed and let out all emotions whether it’s related to personal or professional life.

In the long run consumption of alcohol also affects your health and ultimately causes diseases like paralysis, lung cancer, liver cancer or any other cancer.

Another way to have excitement and not fall ill is, instead of suppressing emotions, let go and understand the cause of them.

Meditation is not an option but a must, to let go of those emotions.

You can get in touch with chakra healing and you’ll learn how to deal with your emotions.

These are simple and effective ancient methods, which are FREE.

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