Which of your Chakras are blocked?

Take this simple quiz to find out which of your chakras are blocked? This quiz helps in giving the bigger picture of your chakra system, a high level overview. To find out the exact blockages however one has to dive deep in to your AURA and ENERGY FIELD. Obviously this quiz cannot do that !

However you can start here and then dive deep later.

1. Where do you want me to send these results?

2. Are you constantly worried about your career, future or business?


3. Do you feel guilt because you are taking time off and enjoying while others are working hard?


4. You are good in Public speaking !


5. You build long term relationships/friends very easily !


6. You are creative and not afriad of speaking truth in any situation


7. You are highly intuitive and your imagination is brilliant !


8. You always believe that guidance comes to you at the right time and you know exactly the purpose of your life.