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Chakra Healing – A way to life and a way of life

What is the meaning of life? Am I really important in anyone’s life? Do people love me? Am I worth it?

If I don’t live, will it make a difference in anyone’s life? These were the thoughts running in my mind sitting in a hotel room at Udaipur in April ‘2018, where I went for my first ever solo trip to explore myself. Due to some unfortunate events right before the trip I felt lonely, betrayed, lost. I wanted someone to pick me up and show me the way. I desperately wanted a solution to all my problems. I wanted to express everything that I am going through, but all I could see was a dead end.

I cried and cried and decided I am done with me and the only solution to my problems in my life was to not have a life. But then, something happened. Something prompted me to stop and reconsider. I quickly picked up my phone and searched for a number, I found his number and called him and cried. I didn’t speak and kept crying, he didn’t speak either, he just let me cry. I could hardly tell him what I was going through.

After 5 mins, he told me “ I am adding you to a WhatsApp group, I think that will help you”. Immediately, I was added to the CHAKRA HEALING  group and that is how my journey on the path of spirituality began along with my Guru Venkat. In the beginning, everything was confusing, I didn’t understand what was spoken or practiced. I kept wondering, how is this going to help me with my problems. We were given techniques to practice and share our experiences, but I was not having any experience. My guru asked me to just be there and observe and keep practicing.

Days passed, I learned new things. Things I had never heard before and no one ever taught me. Eventually I started having spiritual experiences and that fascinated me even more. This seemed like a completely different way of living. I was extremely uncomfortable but also excited. As if there is a different world within the world I am already living in. Little did I know that it was the opposite.

Slowly my life, my world started to change. My life started falling apart even further, but this time something was different. I knew why this was happening, I understood that something greater is on my way and therefore that which does not serve my purpose anymore was leaving me, also this time I had the guidance of Venkat. I started taking responsibility for things that were happening in my life. I experimented with the tools and techniques that were given and applied in various areas of life.

Everything I thought was an issue, was never an issue. The issue was always with the way I received the thoughts and believed in them. Money, health, relationships, job, low self-esteem, people-pleasing, love, etc, etc, which were once a huge issue, suddenly started reducing. My life turned totally upside down and my problems started becoming lesser and lesser every day.

At Chakra Healing, we are taught the real way to live our lives. Yes, there is a process of massive unlearning and then the real learning begins, but what we learn here not only diminishes our problems, also gives a new meaning to our lives. I have learned that life is all about choices and I choose my reality. So if I have a buffet spread in front of me, then I’d rather choose my favorite dishes than choosing things that don’t delight my palate.

Here I have learned about taking responsibility. If I am choosing my reality, I should be able to own everything that comes along with what, I have chosen. I have observed that resisting it only makes the situation worse, but the moment I practice non-resistance, the journey becomes smooth. I have also learned what real love means. Since childhood, the definition of love that I have been taught was different, it was selfish, movie-ish, limiting. Real love is unchained and liberating, like a free bird flying in the open sky.

Chakra Healing has taught me to accept myself the way I am. It doesn’t matter whether anyone accepts me or not, but it feels amazing to know that the Universe thinks I am important and therefore I exist. What can be even greater than that? Here I am taught how to make the uncomfortable, comfortable. There have been so many instances, wherein I had and still have beliefs, points of view ingrained in my sub-conscious and I have been unconsciously operating through that. But once those blocked emotions, events get revealed, it just leaves my system forever. Those references don’t pain or bother me anymore.

The process of transformation is that of healing as well. Healing not mentally or physically, but healing my entire being from the trauma that my soul has gone through in the past so many incarnations. My guru’s love and compassion have no boundaries. No matter how much I express, it will never be enough. I feel loved and safe all the time because he is there protecting me. He also ensures that these learnings are ingrained within his students so deep that we are left with only one choice, that is to transform and transcend.

I would also like to give a word of caution that once associated with Chakra Healing, one will never be able to fit into the normal world (if that is what the non-Chakra Healing world like to call them), neither will one ever want to get back to the normal world, because we learn to see the truth and also the beauty and marvel of the other worlds. What we receive from Chakra Healing is unlimited. It’s not just solutions but also beautiful spiritual experiences, meeting beings from other realms, receiving guidance from them, traveling along with them, connecting with our source and so much more.

At Chakra Healing I have learned that everyone and everything is ONE with me. There is no real separation. We have been separated by our EGO. But my guru also ensures that he shatters our ego. It’s extremely painful and life-shattering, but who is feeling that?

I am still on my transformational journey and still have some distance to cover and implement everything that I have received and Chaka Healing is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that I reach my ultimate real goal. It has given me the purpose of my life and I am eternally grateful for everything that I receive every moment. While I have learned that we choose our reality, I feel Chakra Healing and my Guru Venkat have chosen me for the greater good.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Venkat and Chakra Healing for everything.

6 thoughts on “Thank You”

  1. Wonderful beautiful and soo true. Being a Chakra healing student my self I can relate with everything you said. Thank you for expressing so beautifully and aptly… and yes to Chakra Healing ” Thank you ” is all we can say throughout our lives and beyond.

  2. Tears rolled from my eyes while reading,it is like,the same way i have felt before joining chakra healing. Awesome pooja,Heart touching and connected..

  3. Beautiful Pooja…Very honest and heart touching. I could resonate with every word and so proud to be a CH student. What we received from CH and Venkat, how our lives transformed is phenomenal. We are the blessed ones to receive the guidance from the source. You have articulated so beautifully and brilliant. Love you moreeeeee 🤗 Anddddddd thank you for reiterating the CAUTION 😉

  4. Naina Roy Choudhury

    Thank you for Sharing Pooja! This is beautiful. The journey with Venkat Sir and Chakra Healing has been transformational!

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