Chakra healing services


I offer the below chakra healing services on this website. All of them are distance or remote sessions. The sessions will be conducted through Skype/Google Hangout/Facetime/whats app depending Securedby_Type-4[1]upon your convenience. These are paid sessions.

All payments are done through Pay u money/paytm.


Chakra Test

Chakra assessment is a SWOT analyses of your chakras. This analyses is done by taking readings of each chakra and making an overall assessment of the field.The readings are done long distance or in-person using intuition or a pendulum if required.

An assessment chart  is filled out and forwarded to you. This chart will indicate the state of each chakra (1 to 7), what organs and glands may be affected and which areas of your life are impacted.

chakra assessment

I will interpret the chart and give you a detailed analyses of how this energy affects you and what you can do about it

I will also indicate steps you can take to re-balance the chakras as well as what work we could do together to balance and stabilize your field so that you can better manifest what you long for in your life.

You may be surprised at the exactness of these readings with respect to what you are presently experiencing in your life! The results are sent by email. If you choose, you may pursue the work with me in person at my office, or by distance healing.

Price: Rs 1000/-


Chakra test here.


Chakra meditation healing

Do you know how to become good at manifesting anything in your life?

Is lack of energy stopping you from living a dynamic life?

Do you want your intuition to guide you in every decision you make?

Would you like to get connected to your higher self?

Would you like to have better relationship with your partner ?

Would you like to be more creative in your career or business ?


Whether your practice focuses on healing, strengthening your relationships, boosting your creativity, or experiencing unity with the divine, the chakras hold the key to realizing your goals.

Price: Rs 15000/-




Financial healingmoney

When working through some financial troubles in your life there are many different things you can work on to shift the negative back into a positive.

Is it possible? Absolutely! It is about shifting a few areas to increase the positive energy flow that you put out into the Universe.

We live in a world of energy. With that being said, we can draw into our lives the type of energy we are putting out.

So, are you working through or having financial troubles and want this to change in your life? If you are, keep reading and I will explain some things you can do starting right now to help with this positive shift and get back in control of this area of your life.

Price: Rs 15000/-


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Relationship healingrelationshiphealing1

This simple but effective healing program will help you to:

Master the key to “Silky Smooth” Relationships — by obtaining the ability to shift the focus from the “blaming the other” and what “I want” kind of thinking, to becoming more self-responsible, fearless and aligned to the higher truth.
Create and nurture divine relationships that bring unlimited satisfaction and happiness in your personal life in a way that results in tremendous growth for both you and your partner.
Transform the relationship you have with yourself to experience the magic of giving and receiving unconditional love, total compassion, unending forgiveness and deep understanding from your partner — components that’ll magically transform not only your relationships, but also every other aspect of your life!!

Price: Rs 15000/-


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Weight loss through healingweightloss1

When we look at our energy-system, we see where energies are stuck or stagnant, or overactive and scattered. An energetic perspective gives you a new way of looking at old issues.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re probably already pursuing a healthy eating and exercise plan. You might not have considered some of the more esoteric reasons that your body might hang on to excess weight.

Some people struggle with losing weight because they absorb the stresses and negativity of others on an energetic level.

Chakra-healing is a form of energy treatment that clears blocks to self-healing. This therapy works to clear your major energy centers. Both can help release negative energy and support your weight loss efforts.

Price: Rs 10000/-


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All payments are done through Securedby_Type-4[1]Pay u money.

I also offer one free healing session which will allow you to experience first-hand what Chakra-healing is all about.To find out more about the free session.

I encourage you to take the free chakra assessment, which will help you understand and analyse your SELF. You can take this chakra test here