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How to quit smoking in ten minutes or less…

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever felt that there was any easy way to quit smoking. You longed for a trick or technique that can help you implement every time you have a desire to smoke.

Unfortunately, the moment you decide to quit, you’re hit with a strong desire to smoke, killing any motivation you may have felt. It’s daunting enough to come up with a plan to quit smoking, never mind implementing it.

Quit smoking
Quit smoking

Well, there’s good news: Dropping this habit doesn’t have to be that daunting. With the right technique at your disposal, you could easily quit smoking– all without stress, or fear. Go ahead and read now, and I’ll walk through how to use these simple techniques right now in this very blog post. When we’re done you’ll know exactly how to quit smoking in ten minutes or less. Ready? Let’s dive in.

Before you start diving into to these techniques, you need to understand why do we smoke in the first place. Just like you would analyze and understand the process of cooking even before lighting the gas stove. You would want to establish the facts that draw you in to smoking.

First of all we all know that smoking is a habit and personally I am against habits, whether they are good or bad. Habit means not having awareness in what I am doing, and something unconscious has become a dominating force in my life. We act unconsciously like a robot. They are bondage and I am at their mercy. I am just a puppet.

It controls our response to life’s ever changing situations; but we are repeating the same habits. Life is dynamic and open. Habits are stagnant and closed. It’s like you being in a room without windows for years without fresh air.

No smoking
No smoking

Our response to life has to change which means our habits must change, otherwise we don’t fit. When we don’t fit, we are frustrated, stressed and depressed. We need an escape from the present moment, present challenge. So what do we do, take a break and light a cigarette, as if after the smoke we will fit in.

But the truth is, Life s questions are constantly changing and we are having the same answers! Does it make sense? That’s when we don’t fit and we never fit in, and every time life poses a challenge to us, we need a break because we are not in the moment to respond but acting out from a habit that was created in the distance past.

Now lets understand the process of smoking.

The act of smoking is nothing but inhaling and exhaling of smoke or in other words, smoke PRANAYAMA. Just that it’s a dirty and filthy PRANAYAMA.

Since any form of pranayama will relax your mind, smokers assume that the act of smoking is giving them relaxation, giving them ideas, making them stress free, little do they realize that all they are doing is poisoning their body.

First Technique : The real PRANAYAMAPranayama

Next time when you want an escape, instead of picking up that cigarette. Follow this 5 step process. After you follow the below steps if you still want that smoke then head towards the Second technique.

I sincerely encourage you to try this method and I bet your desire to smoke will get vanished in thin air. Go ahead and give it a try.


  1. Close your eyes , take a deep breath to the count of 6
  2. Hold the breath to the count of 3
  3. Now exhale to the count of 6
  4. Hold your breath to the count of 3
  5. This is one set. Repeat the steps till you finish 12 sets.


Second Technique : Start Tapping on the following acupuncture points

After you follow the below steps if you still want that smoke then head towards the Third technique. I am damn sure this one will blow you off.

  1. Between the eyebrows – 7 times
  2. Under the eye – 7 times
  3. Between nose and lips – 7 times
  4. On the chin – 7 times
  5. In the center of the chest – 7 times
  6. This is one set. Repeat the steps till you finish 12 sets.

Some resources to quit smoking


Third Technique :  Use Imagination – Watch this Video here

  1. Close your eyes, imagine your kids or spouse or mom – doesn’t matter who – criteria is you are in deep love with them.
  2. Light the cigarette, inhale and leave the smoke on their face in your imagination. Picture them inhaling your cigarette smoke.
  3. This is one set . Repeat the steps till you finish 12 sets.


Last but not least, If you have ever overcome a heart break then quitting to smoke will be a walk in the park. Don’t bother yourself with why others have failed before you. Just follow the steps.

You want to be honest and committed in trying all these techniques for seven days ten minutes a day, if you still can’t quit smoking then it can only mean that you are not doing the above steps correctly.

On the contrary if you quit, then you are ready to become a light un to yourself and show the path to your fellow smokers and help them get rid of smoking. And you know what, the best part is your confidence will soar and, next time someone tells you its difficult to quit smoking. Start a conversation and tell them your story..

Please feel free to feed me back about your experience after you try these techniques.




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