Chakra healing online courses

Chakra healing online courses

This is an online course over SKYPE from Monday to Friday for a duration of Thirty minutes. The entire duration of course is 3 months

Features of this course:

In twelve life altering weeks, you will learn and master the following:

  • How to clearly and positively recognize the way each energy center connects and shapes your underlying health issues, your psychology and your spiritual advancement.
  • Techniques for recognizing your energy system disparities and blocks and how to overcome them.
  • Practices to heal, protect and shield your chakras from negative forces.
  • Learn to see the chakras with naked eye.
  • How to feel the size and shape of your chakras.
  • How to feel energy and use that energy to heal self and others.

Start Your Ride to the World of Wisdom Today

Our chakras tie the realms of the spirit and the matter, heaven and earth, ordinary and extraordinary. When you sign up for my 12 -week Chakra Awakening course, I will guide you at each step across these channels… and into healing, empowerment and spiritual breakthrough.

Get a head start on your journey by tuning in to your chakra health status.

If you resonate with any of the questions below—positively or negatively—it’s a good indicator that you’ll benefit the most by focusing on the specific chakras in question.

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Chakra 1

Are you stable and  grounded in your life?

Do you lack a process/structure to get things done?

Are you overactive and afraid of slowing down ?

Are you possesive or not attached at all?


Chakra 2

Do you have problems engaging and partnering along with others?

Do you feel guilt when you enjoy pleasures in  life?

Do you have pain or resentment towards intimacy?

Chakra 3

Do you have a strong will?

Do you get stressed easily?

Are you afraid of Authority?

Chakra 4

Are you unable to forgive yourself or someone else for a past event or decision?

Do you desire to be more compassionate  in your relationships?

What do you find hardest to love about yourself?

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Chakra 5

Are your words filled with truth?

Do you express or supress your feelings?

Do you always say what you want to say?

Chakra 6

Do you get flashes of Insight?

Do you have clarity of thought?

Do you remember your dreams always ?

Chakra 7

Do you believe there is a higher power?

Do you feel one with everything that come in contact with?

The Chakra Awakening course will help you address symptoms of imbalance like these at the core—and many of your physical and energetic issues as well.

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I believe the most profound gift you can offer to those you love and to the world at large is to be a happy, whole and balanced being.

You then become a light for those who are still struggling in the dark. When your chakras are balanced psychically, you will find that the guidance you require for healing, light and inner peace comes naturally.

This is the DIVINE plan and is as the universe intends it to be. So in reclaiming your right to such spiritual alignment, let the awakening act begin!



Monthly Course fees : Rs 15000/-