Mudras Chakras and Your hands (Video Post)

Mudras Chakras and Your hands (Video Post)

The highlights of this Video are :

  1. Significance of left and right hand in practicing mudras
  2. Chakras and the fingers that represent them
  3. Why you must not practice mudras after 6 pm
  4. How to find out which chakras are active in your life?

Important clips

00:20 – Clarifies on left and right hand mudras

00:40 – Inner self

01:15 – Mudras after 6 pm

01:50 – Connection between mudras and chakras

03:00 – Mudras and Electromagnetic fields

04:00 – Chakras and fingers

5:05 – How do I know which chakras are active in me.

06:10 – Money and Chakras

chakras mudras

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