What if your understanding of reality is completely false?

What if you found out that every belief you thought of as a ‘law of life’ was in fact, just that – a belief?

I have had the beliefs, opinions, ‘laws’ I held on to so dearly, shattered; my life turned upside down after entering Chakra-Healing. I have had to unlearn everything that I thought I knew about how the world works; in the process, learning a lot about myself. Some ugly beliefs uncovered, and a glimpse of the infinite beauty within. What I have listed here, is just a drop in the ocean.

So, if you are faint of heart, dear Reader, stop reading right now.

However, if you, like I once was, are lost in the ‘ways of the world’, find yourself a misfit in society, and don’t know why you feel empty within in spite of seemingly having everything in life, then you may just find a glimmer of hope here.

It is important to have an opinion about everything

I grew up believing that unless you have a point of view about everything and everyone you come across in life – be it family, friends, situations, politics, career – you don’t have an identity. Your identity is based on the opinions you hold.

You ‘figure out’ people (or situations) in your initial interactions, form a rock-solid opinion about them, and judge them through this filter for the rest of your lives.

Like, ‘Oh, that’s a gullible person, he is fooled easily’ or ‘Oh, he is very clumsy, cannot do anything right’ or ‘I knew this would happen, because it has happened exactly like this before’.

You watch the news, take in everything that’s happening in the world, and make sure to have an opinion about everything.

Now I know that the more opinions I have, the less fluid, the more rigid I become, the more I sacrifice my energy and my youth to keep proving myself right about my beliefs, and before I know it, I am suddenly ‘OLD’.

With every belief, I am anchoring myself firmly in the past; neither allowing myself or the situations and people around me to change, nor allowing the freedom to others to express themselves freely, when with me.

Now I know, that my world, the world that I see and live in, is exclusively created by me, my beliefs, what I fill my mind with. So, if you don’t like your world, you know who is responsible.

A good memory, logic and an analytical mind indicates the highest form of intelligence:

For a long time, this was my yardstick to measure intelligence. And everyone who did not fit in here, was ‘dumb’. As I am writing this, I remember what a snob I was.

Now I know, that ‘Awareness’ is in fact, the truest form of intelligence. Being completely aware and in the present moment all the time, is the highest state a human being can aspire for. Awareness will reveal to you the secrets of the universe. Awareness will open up higher channels of communication.

Awareness will bring with it, Insights and Intuition, which are more valuable than any book knowledge you can amass. And when you are in awareness, you will never ever look down upon another human being, because you know who we all really are, under the façade.

And a logical and analytical mind with a bonus of an excellent memory, is the biggest roadblock to awareness.

You have to earn everything you want in life:

One way or other, you have to give something to get something. Eg: work hard to earn money, do ‘good’ to ‘earn’ respect, ‘do —— to get ——’ – feel free to fill in the blanks.

Now I know that everything is energy, and the more I have free energy, things will flow to me naturally, effortlessly, without even any thought about it on my part.

Not clear? Well, not all secrets can be revealed in a blog post, now! 😊

Charity is good:

Even though I don’t remember naturally being inclined towards charity, I began to doubt my compassion when I saw that the world around me was big on charity.

Now I know, that transforming oneself, filling oneself with love and light, is the greatest act of compassion toward human-kind. There is nothing outside of you, the source of your world is within you.

So all those ‘gurus’ leading ‘change the world’ movements – beware of them!

Always plan for the worst:

What could be more intelligent than planning your life in advance? Always planning for the worst in every situation? Right? Wrong!

‘Planning your life’ defeats the whole purpose of your birth! If I were to ask you, why did you choose to be born on earth? Would you be able to answer me? No. That is because you have no clue. You were too busy doing what everyone else is doing, what your parents or society expected you to do, and what people have blindly been doing for generations – blindly following societal rules and expectations – that you never got a chance to pause and question yourself.

What would you do if you were the first person on earth? Wouldn’t you want to know where you came from? Why you are here? Was it to study, find a job, get married, have a family, provide for them and retire? Was it to live unconsciously out of a set template, like a robot? Is that all life is about? How many incarnations you might have spent doing this exact same thing?

Ask what the universe has in store for you, where life can lead you, if you allow it! Who knows, in the process you may actually find your life’s purpose! And when you do ask these questions, remember to be in total awareness to catch the answer!

The physical world is all there is:

As a child, I loved fantasy fiction. I used to long to have a life like that, filled with the paranormal, as we call it – talking to fairies, flying off to distant lands which are not visible to everyone, on secret missions outside the physical realm!

But I believed all that was just stuff of dreams, the physical world is all there is. My physical body, my job, family and life in this physical body is all my life is about.

How grateful I am to be proved wrong on this one!

What would you say if I told you, everything you have ever yearned for as a child, is all true? You can live many many lives in this one lifetime!

Life is Linear:

This is a big one. My belief as is everyone else’s that I have ever met, was that life is linear and time is linear. Meaning, life is a logical series of events one after the other following cause and effect. Like, if I am working as a doctor, no miracles are going to suddenly place me on the moon, right? My life would follow the more or less set path of doctors allowing room for some surprises. The graph of my lifetime will be a single path, with a beginning and an end – with ups and downs, yes, but a single path.

What I know now, you wouldn’t believe if I told you, so it is better to experience it for yourself, as I am! I will just give you a teaser – imagine what it would be like to be suddenly taken out of a boring drama movie midway and dropped into a fantasy adventure…. only, a hundred times better!!

Miracles are very much possible, and are in fact, just waiting to happen! You only need the awareness to see them.


Well, these are all the beliefs I have space to talk about, but there have been numerous others that I have left behind and emerged as a new person. The old me only seems vaguely familiar now, as someone I once knew and look back upon with love…. the memories are much dimmed.

I am now living a life full of magic and adventure, like the books that used to enthral me as a child; eagerly looking forward to every new day, waiting to see what unfolds!

I know I have yet a long way to go, to truly become who I am born to be, but with Chakra-Healing and Venkat, the journey itself is unspeakably beautiful.

If I have made you curious, if you are ready to start your own journey to find out what the fuss is all about, Chakra-Healing awaits you with open arms!

But be warned – the journey into yourself with a microscope is not for the faint hearted. You are not always going to like what you see.

But I promise you, once you get past the debris, what lies beneath…. is more magnificent than anything you can possibly imagine!

I do hope you choose the red pill!

Chakra-Healing’s signature course, ‘Awakening The Awareness’ will be a good first step. I look forward to seeing you there!

2 thoughts on “MAGIC is REAL”

  1. CA. Vinita SawantKoyande

    Dear Parvati
    I have joined Chakra Healing in this June for online sessions under ‘Master your Mind ‘,under the guidance of Venkat sir, which was amazing itself. After learning few practical techniques there, Now I have joined ‘Awakening Awareness ‘. I second whatever you have articulated . Each and every point you have written is so so true.
    Thank You for this article as I can look within me once again ,with the clarity you have.

  2. Thank you Parvathi for sharing such a wonderful article with us!!! This is so awe-inspiring and thrilling journey of unlearning and learning here in CH!!!

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