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Life does not come with a Money back Guarantee

Life doesn't come with a money back guaranteeSometimes I wish I were a medical doctor so that I can give my clients the percentages and probabilities of the results of healing in a flow chart or something!!! But the challenge or opportunity for healers who walk in a world of energy is that we cannot reduce the results to a balanced score card.


I get these questions all the time, every time :

Will I get healed for sure? What’s the percentage completed so far? Then when will I get healed completely?

Will I get the job?

Will I be married?

Will my marriage work?

Will my mother-in-law love me?

Will you ensure that I get good luck all the time? Sometimes even better, they challenge me, saying why don’t you take this as a challenge and ensure that I get good luck all the time?

And trust me, I would love to say YES for every question, I mean who doesn’t want to? Except that’s not how it works!!! A condition which is there for 2 years or 5 years or from childhood cannot be removed in a single session. I offer one free session as a token of appreciating clients who visit my website, so that they can experience my work FIRSTHAND. But in that first session itself they want to feel and see and correct their chakras in 20 minutes and when I say that’s not how it works, they are disappointed.

There are so many factors that influence our past present and future, no matter how attuned you are to the divine, you are still not strong enough to force the outcome. You cannot dictate to the DIVINE , you can only request and leave it to HIM to create the conditions desired.

Yes, there are success stories, and there are failures too. I wish I had been able to save one of my friends’ ailing father with Stage 4 cancer. I tried but it didn’t work out. The DIVINE had a different view, and I totally respect that.

In the same way, the fIrst step to healing is, respect the condition you are in – dont hate it, Embrace it. Who knows what adventure lies in that condition!!! There’s a reason for the condition to exist in your life, learn from it, understand it. The moment you do that the condition drops by itself you do not need any healing.

Maybe we (starting with myself) should appreciate and encourage the audacious twists and turns that life present us! Doesn’t the uncertainty tell us that there are forces greater than us? When there is something bigger and more loving there is HOPE! Maybe it’s not so good to reduce our problems, conditions and results to scorecards and statistics and percentages.

So my friends, life does not come with a Money-back Guarantee, but we are assured a wild ride as long as we are willing to be open and honest.

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