Is your Root Chakra Blocked?

Is your Root Chakra Blocked?

Root chakr

Find out If you Root chakra is Active, Balanced or Blocked ! Take this simple quiz. Trust me you will be surprised how your daily activities influence your chakras. Be as HONEST as possible, to get accurate results

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2. Do you wake up before 6 AM?


3. Do you Sleep after 10 pm ?


4. Do you work-out/ Yoga/Walking  atleast 3 times a week?


5. Do you make plans and not implement them?


6. Are you earning consistently every month?


7. Do you have Debts and Struggle financially?


8. Do you have pain or helath issues in your lower half of the body?




  1. namita longjam Says: January 8, 2018 at 11:54 am

    your information provided has been very helpful

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