I am Healed

When you hear the word healing do you think of this as an alternate therapy to overcome a disease that you were unable to cure after trying multiple other types of medication and therapies? If that’s true then your understanding of healing is extremely constricted and flawed.

When I talk about healing, I am talking about the complete transformation that you can experience in your being and in all areas of your life (excluding none) when you join Chakra-healing. Since joining Chakra-Healing I have been healed at multiple levels and I am still healing. It is where holistic development happens for an individual and hence there are no boundaries that can define what all Chakra-Healing does for you, or rather does to you.

If you are ready to be enthralled by a healing story that seems too good to be true, but is indeed true, tighten your seat belts..

Healing the health (Physical, mental, emotional and psychological): I had few physical issues and many mental, emotional and psychological issues, some of which were visible and known to me and many of which were hidden deep inside only causing constant and unending pain, fear and anxiety. I didn’t even know how to resolve them, as I just felt the gruelling discomfort but couldn’t even understand what the problem is, so solving it was a far-fetched deal. Since me and my husband came in contact with Venkat sir and Chakra healing everything in our lives started healing.

Many of my small health issue automatically got resolved very early itself as we started practicing the techniques taught by Sir. Later as I progressed, the one-to-one healing sessions given by Venkat Sir along with so many group healing session, not only completely and permanently cured my physical illness, it also gave me a different kind of mental and emotional strength and stability that I had not known earlier.

Infact,  each teaching session of sir is also a healing session as we always felt an influx of huge energy and changes in ourselves and our lives during and after each session. Within a short span of time, I was able to meditate better, feel better, understand myself and my body and mind much better than I ever understood it before. Now he has equipped me enough to deal with many issues of myself and my family on my own.

And its not just me, even my kids are a huge fan of Venkat sir and have started believing in and practicing healing in their own little ways, as taught by sir. It’s so because Chakra healing methods of teaching are so simple and easy to implement that literally anyone can learn them, only if you have the trust and commitment.  

When my 6-year-old gets hurt, the first things he asks for is the healing image so that he can meditate on it and heal himself, and he does heal. Recently when my toe got badly hurt, after helping me with initial bandages the first question my 11-year-old daughter asked was “Can I heal you Mom?”. What can be a greater gift to a person than living with a family who has learned to and intend to heal each other. Not to forget the immense sense of security and protection offered by our Guru, in every moment, which is felt and experienced by all of us in various ways time and again. Living life being his disciple is itself a life of healing.

Healing the relationships: I think everyone of us has some relationship issues with one or more people in our lives and no matter if we feel that our issues are less intense or more intense than others, we are the one who is bearing with it and loosing ourselves in dealing with it day and night.

Did I hear you saying “Oh my relationship issues are a bit different and complex and I don’t think there is any solution to them”. Amusingly, each of us would love to say that.  Chakra-healing completely transformed the way I looked at my relationships and what they meant to me.

And when I say relationships, I not only mean family, relatives, friends, neighbor and office, I also mean the relationship with self. Infact, I learned that the relationship that I have with myself is exactly what is being reflected in the relationships I am having in the external world, and that is the first place I need to start my work on.  

I was made to realize that all the love, appreciation and approval I was trying to seek from my relationships was actually what I lacked giving myself. I was, like most of, reeling under extreme victim consciousness, which was driving all my behaviors and relationships.  

As I evolved to love myself more and more with each passing day, the love quotient in all my relationships suddenly improved many folds. Venkat sir teaches us, that as we evolve spiritually it’s not so that all our problems disappear, it’s just that we start vibrating at the different plane than our problems and those problems do not affect us anymore. And that is what happened to me.

I moved into a state of mind where the things that I initially termed as problems and issues of my life turned into beautiful growth opportunities and finally all that I am left with is love for all those that I relate to in my life. The gift of Self Love is a gift of lifetime given to me by Venkat sir so patiently over the months of teaching again and again in so many different ways that it took deep roots, crashing all my earlier resistance, ego and point of views. And the most exciting part is that there is so much more to this small opening that I am just exposed to. What looks so satisfying to me today is only a drop in the Ocean that he is teaching us to explore further.

Healing the Finances

What will you do if you had all the money you need?

When Sir asked this question, it shook me. I realized that so much of what I am doing is not what I want to do, and what I really want to do I am not doing, why, because earning money was primary. This suffocation and compromise that each day brought kept draining my energy and happiness every single day.  If money was not a problem, everything around us would transform, isn’t it?

Being at Chakra healing we learned many techniques that took our financial reality to a different level. And it’s not just about the money we earned, but also about how we spent our money and how our life looks with that money in hand. Till before chakra healing, I think I lived a life that was dated at least 2 decades but today my life is enriched with all that I imagine and did not even imagine.

Yes, I still work and I still earn, but that scarcity mindset and fearful life, where I was constantly trying to pull strings together, is now converted into a fearless and abundant experience, where I feel free like bird. And, please my dear readers, do not assume and equate these techniques with the ones you think you know and have access to. Internet today is replete with law of attraction, manifestation, affirmations and many more fancy concepts, which sound and look interesting but rarely bring any results.

Here at chakra healing we receive healing at the source of all the techniques, and when we work with the source the results are natural and in abundance.

Healing the Being

As I started healing in various areas of my life what eventually started healing is the being that I am. Sir taught us that true spiritual progress is possible only when the other basic areas of your life are sorted. As my basics were getting sorted, he was also leading me into a fantasy world that I thought only existed in books, dreams or imaginations.

As I heard about the spiritual experiences of my other group members, they seemed so unreal. As I continued to consistently practice the teachings and principles, slowly the debris on my being started to wither and I also had many spiritual experiences that were beyond all my imaginations and expectations. Since, there is limit to what can be shared on a blog all I can say is you have to experience somethings on your own to understand the exhilaration and transformation they bring into your being. I never knew that life was supposed to be so beautiful and exciting as it is turning out to be for me now.

As I discover the being that I am I feel healed at the deepest levels. As much as I talked about what has happened to me, I really have no interest in relooking at it, because what seems to lie ahead of me is so exciting, enriching and encompassing that it feels like….well the closest feeling is being in deep love.

Venkat sir is a teacher who never wanted us to depend on him. As much as he helps and support us with all his love and compassion, he makes sure the we become self-reliant and independent and take the full responsibility of each of our problems and solve them on our own. At the same time, he keeps complete watch and keeps us fully accountable to all our actions and commitments, leaving no chance for us to faulter. Such love cannot be compared with anything, just may be partially with love and care of a parent for their small kids.

Though he keeps teaching us and telling us all that our soul craves but at the same time he has turned us into a scientist, who can never stop experimenting and discovering the new and more fulfilling miracles and magics, and most importantly the ones who can never stop realizing the accepting the Truth. He has always encouraged us to question and discover our own answers. And when we truly question the way he taught us, the answer eventually descends by his grace and every answer changes our entire world every time.

Though I named the blog as “I am healed”, because my teacher has always asked me talk only about what I have experienced personally and never take the liberty to talk about others, but I feel I can take the liberty this one single time on behalf of my entire family to say “We are healed”

And there is so much more to share that I don’t know how to end this blog except with my favourite question to my Guru, “What did I do to deserve you?”

If you wish to discover how wonderful you and your life is and can be, this is the time the take that first step. See you at Chakra-Healing.

4 thoughts on “I am Healed”

  1. Wow Parul!! Thank you for sharing… So inspiring and I am so happy for you and your family! What can be a greater gift than this…

  2. Thank you Parul for sharing your story!!! The journey of how your ‘Self’ and family is getting transformed and healed is truly inspiring!

  3. Naina Roy Choudhury

    Can’t agree more Parul! The healing techniques and tool and the process of transformation is unique. Thank you for sharing and I can relate to your experience in ever way!

  4. CA. Vinita SawantKoyande

    Dear Parul
    Thank you for this article, which is so so true.
    I have never met you all but always experienced your respect and love towards sir .I am new student as such , but can experience same healing and energy and learnings from Venkat sir.

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