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October 2018 was a momentous month for me. Actually, every single day from the time I joined Chakra-Healing has been momentous for me, but I singled out October 2018 because that is when I first started seeing light beings. I did not know it then, but every workshop and retreat I had attended before October 2018 and every spiritual practice I had been doing for the last 5 years under Venkat’s guidance, had been leading up to the moment when I boarded my flight on October 11th 2018, on my way to Chikmagalur for the first official 3-day Chakra-healing retreat! I will not describe here the details of the journey or the mind-blowing contents of the workshop or the delicious food we ate or the enormous fun we had, because if I were to do that, this will be a book. I will instead, tell you what I experienced in the course of this retreat. The retreat group were mostly familiar to me from previous workshops we had attended together. Even so, this time, there was a difference. From the moment we all boarded the bus to Chikmagalur from Bangalore, it felt like we were with family! My first feeling on arriving at the resort was, a rush of exhilaration! Situated on the side of a hill, surrounded by valleys on one side and old majestic trees on the other, it seemed as if no one else knew of this place. It seemed so pristine and untouched, with the beauty of nature displayed in its full glory!
5000 year old temple at the chakra healing retreat
Our sessions began almost immediately. We were taught to invoke and thank the nature spirits and higher beings who made this retreat possible, and who were watching over us. I felt a deep sense of well-being, freedom and gratitude. That afternoon, after the introductory session and some cleansing and balancing exercises, Venkat asked us to see each other’s auras. He gave us basic instructions on how to do it. Imagine my surprise, when on the very first try I was clearly able to see the outline of the etheric body of other people! I remember having tried it a couple of years before, and after really squinting and straining my eyes, I had to sadly abandon the attempt. But now the aura was visible effortlessly! Divine energy was at play! That night, we had sessions late into the night and learnt Karma Cleansing exercises. We chose a partner each and performed Karma Cleansing (KC) for each other. I did not know it yet, but this would be a turning point for both me and my KC partner.
Bon fire in the chakra healing retreat
The next morning, we were up early and back at sessions and exercises till lunch. After lunch, we decided to visit a 1000-year old temple nearby. It was on top of a hill. It was a short trek up and on arriving at the top of the hill, we saw that the temple door was closed, but the courtyard was open to sit and meditate. It was a very tiny temple surrounded by vast mountain ranges on all sides. We each found our spots around the courtyard and started with our practices, guided by Venkat. After some time, he asked us to commune with the nature spirits in the mountain ranges in front of us. It is then, while I was gazing at the mountain ranges, that I suddenly saw the mountains dissolving. I continued gazing at them, enjoying the moment. My consciousness had registered that what I see around me is not real after all! It is created by the mind and it can be dissolved by the mind and it can be recreated in a different form by the mind. Meanwhile, my friends were having other wonderful experiences. One of them travelled back in time and saw how this place looked 5000 years back, my KC partner had an out of body experience where she went inside the temple’s sanctum (which was locked).
By the time we were ready to leave it was late evening. On the way down, a magnificent banyan tree caught my attention. It looked regal, standing out from the rest of its brethren. I was with a couple of other friends; we all decided to take a picture of the tree, and then continued our way back. That night, just like the previous night, we had sessions around the camp fire. The sessions continued late into the night and then again started early next morning. There was absolutely no sense of fatigue, in fact, we were all brimming with energy. This was the last day of the retreat. We made another trip to the temple, continued with our practices the remainder of the day till the bus arrived to take us back to Bangalore where we would board our flights home. It was hard to leave what felt like 3 days in paradise, in an alternate universe. The people who rode back in the bus that afternoon were not the same people who had travelled to Chikmagalur just 3 days earlier. I could sense that there was something different in me. It was while looking through our phones at the photos we had clicked, that we saw the photo of the banyan tree we had clicked on the way back from the temple the previous day. The camera had captured an iridescent blue glow around the tree, illuminating it. It looked like a glowing tree from another planet, not what we had seen at all. When we showed the photo to Venkat he told us that this was a nature spirit residing in the tree and it had revealed itself to us, with a message. I am not at liberty to disclose the message here, suffice it to say that we were dumbstruck with gratitude for this gift given to us by the nature spirit. I was back home after the retreat, back to the humdrum of life. But I started noticing changes in me. My vision had changed. What used to be just empty space to me before was now filled with static-like matter. Auras of objects, trees and people around me started popping up at random times. If I was looking at a doormat or carpet, it would appear to melt and dissolve after a while. I had started seeing shapes and figures and glowing objects from the corner of my eyes. I was now seeing a whole kaleidoscope of colours where earlier there was none! Maybe I was beginning to see the world as it really was, for the first time!! Looking back today, I know now that we had experienced the first shift in our consciousness at the Chikmagalur retreat. And that fateful Karma Cleansing session was at the crux of it! After the retreat, my spiritual journey, in fact, my very life took a huge leap forward. It was as if I was living life so far as a class 1 kid, and now suddenly I was in class 10! My perspective changed. How I looked at life, reacted to situations, my actions, understanding of people and the world around me, all changed. My gifts began to reveal themselves to me!

I shall always cherish the Chikmagalur retreat, the first official retreat of Chakra-healing.

This is the story of how I started seeing light beings. I have another story of how I started seeing visions, but that is for another post, another day. So, Reader if you ever have the good fortune of attending an online course, retreat or a workshop by Chakra-Healing, DO NOT miss it. You have NO IDEA how it will transform your life! P S : Venkat’s new online course AWAKENING THE AWARENESS will be launching on July 7 2020, if you are interested in knowing and developing your awareness for some amazing spiritual experiences then sign up

I will see you in one of these courses

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  • By Naina Roy Choudhury
    Posted 1st June 2020 4:10 pm 0Likes

    Loved reading your experience…. Magical is what comes to my mind

    • By Parvathi
      Posted 8th October 2020 6:22 pm 0Likes

      thank you Naina.. i just saw this comment!! love you :-*

      • By Naina Roy Choudhury
        Posted 4th January 2021 10:25 pm 0Likes

        You should write again on your experience. loved reading this again today! 🙂

        • By Parvathi
          Posted 5th January 2021 12:51 pm 0Likes

          Yes I will.. This time, I hope you will too after our Feb retreat!!! :-*

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