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3 Healing Techniques that improved my performance at work

Can Healing Techniques Help Perform Better at Work?

In my interactions with colleagues, friends and family, I have come across differing opinions about healing.

A majority of people assume that it is some imaginary ‘hocus-pocus’ with absolutely no use to practical folks earning an honest living.

A slightly more positive view is that it is worth trying if you don’t have access to an Aspirin for your headache. Or that it may help momentarily cheer up people suffering from depression.

At best, healing and spiritual practices are considered good tools to ‘get enlightened’ but fall under the ‘things to do after retirement’ bucket. Not something worth immediate effort at any rate.

While this blog post does not promise to bring about a ground-breaking shift in world perception about healing, it is definitely an attempt to suggest that healing and spiritual techniques can actually help tackle the practical challenges of day-to-day life.

I work a 50-hour week on average. This means that half of my waking hours are spent at work. It stands to reason then, that at least 50% of the challenges I deal with everyday are work-related.

I used to get worked up, stressed out, sleepless, you name it; over situations at work, especially those that I had no control over.

Gradually, I started applying some of the healing techniques that I had learnt to those situations. My thought was, even if the situation remained the same, they would help calm me down.

What I realized was that calming me down was the key to changing the situation!



Here are three techniques that helped me enormously.


I have had to work with some difficult people, either as subordinates or as bosses. Interactions with them sapped my energy and was guaranteed to achieve a result entirely opposite to what I desired.

Gratitude healing has rectified the situation EVERY TIME without fail.

I close my eyes, imagine the person in my mind and say a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to them for 5 minutes. Even if I started out not feeling the gratitude, constant repetition actually ignites the feeling within and by the time I am done, I feel happy and peaceful and the best possible outcome of the interaction manifests itself within a few hours/days as the case may be.

Healing using Light Vibrations:

Before getting into critical meetings, I visualize myself surrounded by a bubble of violet light. This keeps me unaffected by conflicts between participants. I tend to be more articulate and able to come away satisfied with the outcome of the meeting.

To resolve conflicts within my team, I visualize them in pink light. Soon enough, harmony is restored within the team!

Golden Light Technique

I use Golden light when more powerful healing is required.

When a milestone is at risk of not being met due to unforeseen circumstances, or just simply things have been going wrong a bit too often, I visualize healing golden light from the sun flowing into the team or client or project or office as the case may be, with an intention to remove all negative energy.
Works wonders.

The future-present technique:

This is a more advanced technique that I use when faced with a crisis. Instead of spending my time worrying about the present situation, I think about what is the ideal outcome I want. This is the method I follow:

i) Think of the outcome I desire in the future
ii) Imagine that it has already happened
iii) Feel the feeling I would get if it has already happened.
iv) Do not doubt.

It is important to mention here that all of these healing techniques help to bring about an outcome which serves the highest good for all concerned.

This outcome may not always be what you originally thought you wanted, but it usually turns out to be the best.

Also worth mentioning is that these techniques cannot be used to manipulate others to achieve your own selfish ends.

Always set the intention that the situation may better itself for all concerned, before starting the healing.

Practicing these healing techniques constantly over the past two years, I have found that a smooth work life is only a side effect.

The main gift is a better me!

Try the techniques, and let me know how they have helped you.

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