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7 signs your house is haunted

I’m sure you have heard many stories of haunted houses and the weird things that happen in those places.

Heavy foot steps upstairs, doors open and close, Items appear and disappear, lights turn on and off, Strange scent in air, that feeling of someone watching you in an otherwise empty room and many more..

Those are the indications of a haunted house. Though True hauntings are rare, and it may be difficult to confirm If what you are experiencing is a true haunting.

I will NOT discuss the following in this post

  • Is haunting real?
  • Why would the spirits haunt a house?
  • Strategies to get rid of them

For one thing, no one really knows why a house is HAUNTED, what causes it and How it starts!! There are many theories of course, but if you want to know whether your house is haunted or not , then these are the SIGNS you look for.


There are plenty of signs to look for in a haunted house, and theses are the TOP SEVEN. The below mentioned signs are based on my personal Investigation and living next door to a SICK haunted house for 12 years.

#1 Strong Scent

One of the most common signs that your place is haunted. A strong, stinking smell, which will make you vomit. I really cannot compare this smell to anything that we humans know of, this strong scent will make you pukish and you want to get out of the house immediately.

#2 Bad Dreams

If your house is haunted then, You will start having dreams at night and generally the theme of the dreams would be FEAR, GRIEF or LOSS

While sleeping you will reach altered states of consciousness, your etheric body encounters  the spirit in your home and depending upon what happens between your etheric body and spirit, the experience is communicated back to your brain by the etheric body.

If this happens on a daily basis, then know that your house is Haunted.

#3 Chronic Sickness

One of your family member always will fall sick no matter what. Especially those who are weak emotionally. The reason they fall sick is due to lack of energy in their etheric body. The sickness is mostly related to the upper body.

Only THEY will hear sounds, see shadows, or will have conversations when they are alone.

The entity living in that house targets that one person and starts feeding on his/her life force. These type of entities are smart they won’t exhibit other signs mentioned in this blog post. They quietly suck the energy out of the people living there.

I consider these the second most dangerous spirits that haunt a house. The first are listed in #7

#4 Kids

  • Adult humans can only see between 400nm – 700 nm on the electro magnetic spectrum.
  • UVA light falls just below visible light at 400 – 315 nm.
  • Infrared light falls just above at 750nm – 1mm.

In simple terms,What you are able to see is a limited part of this world. There is a lot happening just outside your vision which you will never witness.

Now the spirits or etheric beings are visible only in the UVA light range.

Kids in the age group of 2 to 6 years can see between 315nm – 380 nm and hence are able to see spirits or etheric beings. So next time you find your kid staring in to space, Consider the Possibility that they are staring at a spirit.

And if you find your KID is playing with an invisible stranger(most probably a child spirit) all alone then know that your house is haunted.

#5 Feeling of being touched

This feeling is not as it is portrayed in the movies. Yes sometimes a naughty spirit might touch or push or scratch but most touching incidents are very subtle.

Like you are alone working in the kitchen or sitting and watching television, all of a sudden you feel a tingling sensation in your body or may experience goosebumps.

When you are focussed on some activity your etheric body is highly charged and in an expanded state of awareness, the etheric body is touched by another etheric form you experience the above.

#6 Disharmony

When you move in to a home, you are also moving in to the energetic reality of people before you. If it ‘s a new home then you are moving in to the vibration of that land and the emotions with which the home was built.

Generally speaking two opposing energies cannot exist together in peace at the same place. If you observe that after you move to a new house, your relationship with your spouse or kids is deteriorating and you are getting stressed out at work for no real reason, then know that your life force is being sucked out.

And if you experience the rest of the signs mentioned here, then know that your house is haunted.

#7 Physical assault

This is very rare and almost never happens. There are other reasons why some people report of being assaulted by a spirit. But in reality a physical assault is an extreme case.

Physical assault happens when the entity realises that you are taking some strong measures to send it off the house. Physical assault has two levels

  1. It will try to Intimidate you by making its presence felt in various ways
  2. When the first strategy doesn’t work, it will hurt you so that you can leave the premises. This is an extreme step from the point of view of the spirit. If no one is there in the house then how will it get its daily bread which is your LIFE FORCE.

The spirits haunting the house prefer human company for grabbing their energy and also have some fun in the process.

If you want some tips and warning then go to

Do you know any other real signs of a haunted house? Ever lived in one?

Leave your comments below…

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  • By Sherry McCartney
    Posted 4th September 2016 6:56 am 0Likes

    Not all spirits are evil. My house is haunted but they are benevolent spirits.

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