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Transcript of the audio

What is normally considered power is not real power at all. Chasing money, fame, sex, glamour, politics or military power – they are all manifestations of the ego. They are often glorified forms of showing off.

We dwell in the currency of the ego and they often appeal only to the other power egos. They are subject to people’s whims and fancies.

A person may be very rich and successful, but still they are very weak because money doesn’t give you real strength, it just keeps you comfortable while you experience your own weakness or dysfunctions.

The world of ego is very fragile and insecure. It never feels safe and it has no lasting worth.This world must die one day and often, it destroys itself; it is a self-destructing world.

With the explosion of the media and the internet, we just believe what we see, what is printed on paper, what we read on social media.

All of this is aimed at increasing this world of ego and boosting the ego. Many people are victimized by their own egos, not necessarily by other people’s egos. They feel power starved, so they crave to be special.

Of course, everyone is unique and special in their own spiritual way, but this media frenzy heightens people’s need to seek more information, more attention and more power.

They go through this ridiculous pursuit of trying to be important, to be someone special in the eyes of others, seeking praise, seeking status.

This destroys and saps their energy because all their energy is directed towards other people’s approval, other people’s admiration, other people’s appreciation.

Whatever energy you are given by birth or you get from the universe is getting spent on gaining other people’s approval. So, you are left with no energy to be creative, to be more energetic.

To create something, you need to have energy.

If you must have energy, then you need to stop sending it to others by seeking their approval. The fundamental reason is that the ego is very insecure and its fears need to be fulfilled every day.

So, it dominates our psychology by creating endless demands in our mind-set and it wants things – it wants gratification, satisfaction at this moment, right now. Only then will it feel better. That is because we are programmed as children to make this ego very important to try and keep happy.

We’ve been trained by our parents, society and school. Everyone keeps telling us to train our ego to become happy. We also feel happy when someone tells us that we must achieve that goal e.g.: New Year goal, now that New Year is coming. So, we just run behind that thing without knowing whether we need it.

If you analyse most of your goals you will find that those goals are in place because you need the approval of others, because you need the appreciation of others and because of the attention that you seek, rather than for your own satisfaction.

Because once you feel complete or satisfied, you will not have any other goal since you are already happy. If you are already happy how can you have another goal, you will just live in a state of gratitude, isn’t it?

So, we don’t realize that controlling the ego through discipline is a lot simpler than trying to fulfil its needs. By gratifying this ego you might get a sense of belonging, a sense of connection to this world, but there is no end to its cravings and demands.

Once you fulfil one goal, then you have the next goal, and the next one and so on, it is a never-ending chase.

People say you must dream big. If you dream big, then there is another dream, and the next one and so on. You dream not because you want the approval of others, but because you have the energy within you to dream and create and offer energy to people.

Don’t dream for the sake of others, dream for the sake of yourself – not your ego self but your spiritual self, to be in a state of gratitude, to be in a state of bliss.

This trying to be or please someone else comes from a place of deep insecurity, which arises from the ego’s need for an audience.

So it constantly needs acknowledgement and stimulation to feel solid, but leaning psychologically and emotionally out into the world demanding to be noticed, trying to be cool, seeking approval and acceptance, trying to impress or maybe seeking praise and respect creates imbalance and weakness.

You may want to listen to this a couple of times because this is very important.

This kind of psychological profile creates imbalance and weakness. It is in fact, an affirmation that you repeat every day that I am not OK, I need others’ approval of me to feel secure.

So by leaning psychologically, you weaken yourself. Imagine constantly leaning forward at a severe angle reaching out. You are personally out of balance and heading for a fall.

So trying to win people over and hoping the world will accept you for your wonderfulness is futile and weak, so please stop that. I have seen enough people around me trying to do that. It is now high time that we stop doing that. Why? Because it destroys your real power.

Real power comes from being yourself. Just be yourself. It doesn’t matter whether anyone else appreciates your work or not; if you feel happy, that’s great.

If you are constantly under pressure that people must appreciate me, people must like me, people should acknowledge my work, the stress of it can make you fall ill. The other reason is, if you constantly run behind this so-called success, if you notice from the past, that a day of success can become a day of rejection.

Our fundamental principle is creating our own reality. If we are creating other people’s reality, meaning, if other people expect something of you and you do that, whose reality is that? It is their reality, not yours.

I am not saying you shouldn’t appreciate people. You can appreciate people; you can tell people how marvellous they are when it is true. Not for the sake of getting their admiration.

When you do it for real, then that is an uplift of your own spiritual energy and when you appreciate something, two things will happen

1. You will feel good about yourself

2. Whatever you throw out comes back to you.

Since you are appreciating, the appreciating energy comes back into your system which enhances your own energy, which gives you more energy, helping you to create more in your life, not because somebody else wants it but because you like it.


Just like a rainbow. You see a rainbow; it just appears because it happens. It doesn’t think whether people are looking at it or not. A full moon is still a full moon even in a forest. It is not bothered if anyone is appreciating it or not because it is there. It is its nature.

So, if your nature is to dream, then dream, not because somebody else wants it. If your nature is to create, then create, not because somebody else wants it, but because it is your nature. Like water flows down, that is its nature.

In the same way, our job is to create, we are creators. Whether we create good things or bad is up to us. The most important thing is, if you want to be accepted, then first and foremost, you must accept yourself. If you want to be acknowledged, then you must acknowledge yourself. It is as simple as that.

In my next audio, I will give you some tips and techniques to use this creative energy of ours. Thank you for listening.

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