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You can call it a coincidence, but as I sat to write Last weeks blog, I received this
E-mail in my INBOX. I have to admit, I felt bad because the article is written so well, wish I had done that. But then I also thought it is not always about me!! Isn’t it!!
I also know how much work goes in to writing a blog post. So i mailed the author of this article asking for permission to be posted on my website. I am glad she obliged.


We’d be delighted for you to share this with your audience. Thank you so much for asking.

Simply please include the following short blurb at the end:

This information was reprinted with the permission of Lily Jensen, Money Reiki Master & Energy Healer. For more information about Lily or to receive more energy shifting tools and gifts, please visit:

Now enjoy this article.
I’m Excited To Share This Powerful Practice With You! 


Appreciating A Difficult Person (Your Past Doesn’t Dictate Your Future)If you want to get right to the exercise without hearing the background, scroll down to the ACTION section below.I recall learning a very valuable tool more than 10 years ago and I’ve used it many times since. As you know, shifting our energy to be in alignment with what we want in our lives is what actually brings those things to us. And as you probably also know, we aren’t always perfect at doing that every minute of our journey.However, I have to say that after all these years of energy shifting work, I have minimized having challenging people in my life. And if some do come into my life, they don’t stay very long. But every now and then, someone challenging will show up, perhaps for a valuable lesson the Universe has for me (such as reflecting back to me my spending too much time in negativity) or maybe that person served some other purpose that was meant to be short lived or the value of which was revealed to me a bit later.

Energy shifting

Regardless of the reason a challenging person may be in your life, you can take matters into your own hands and shift the relationship you have with them. One very powerful way is to spend a few moments each day noticing what you like, love, admire or appreciate about them. When you do this, it’s amazing just how drastically your relationship with them can shift.

I have found that if I commit to doing this for a full 30 days, by the time that 30 days is up, either they have left my life completely because they are no longer an energetic match to the new energy I have created for myself. Or they have “magically” shifted and stopped behaving in the ways that were so difficult. Or something is just different about the relationship and I no longer experience them as challenging or difficult. That aspect of the relationship is just gone.

I’ve done this practice with romantic partners, bosses, friends, co-workers, and family members with simply amazing results!

What got me thinking about this is my recent health scare that I told you about. My husband and I are very different people with different approaches to life yet we are still very well suited for one another.

I wanted to call my husband first for emotional support but I hesitated because in the past his reply with things like this was to simply say “oh everything will be fine.” Well, that’s not what I needed in that moment a few weeks ago. What I needed first and foremost was a listening ear for me to express my fear. So I called my best friend instead because I knew I could count on her for what I needed. But after she and I finished our call, I actually did end up calling my husband (much to my own surprise).

And you know what? He was AMAZING! He was loving, kind, compassionate, understanding and gave me exactly what I needed. I actively choose to appreciate him regularly and once again, I was pleasantly reminded of the power of this tool. I realized I was expecting the “old him” from the past. But my past doesn’t dictate my present or future. And yours doesn’t have to either.

Here’s how to use this exercise in your own life:


If there is someone challenging in your life and you wish to practice this for 30 days, you can easily add it to your daily routine. It’s incredibly valuable to spend a little time on this each day and the wonderful thing is, it’s fast and easy to do yet packs BIG results.

When you practice this exercise, I believe it’s most powerful to write it out in your own hand rather than on a computer or other electronic device. Do you have a pen or pencil and a journal, notebook or some paper? Great! Grab that and let’s start.

Each day’s headline should read something like this:

“Things I like, love, admire and appreciate about XXX” (fill in the name of the person). If it’s someone you don’t necessarily “love” such as a neighbor, boss or coworker, you can eliminate that word from your headline.

Then just write out a list of as many things you can think of that you really do like or love or admire or appreciate about them. No matter how small and whether it’s a personality trait or something about their physical appearance or anything else, put it on the list.

Are they generous? Organized? Have pretty eyes? Have a stylish haircut? Dress well? Are they good at something they do in their life such as working with spreadsheets, raising their children, painting, gardening, playing Gin Rummy, etc.? Write everything that comes to mind and keep writing until you can’t think of anything else to add to the list.

When you are done, then just put the notebook away and forget about it until tomorrow. Don’t worry if you end up writing the same things each day, just write what you really do feel those ways (appreciation) about each day and if they are the same as previous days, no worries!

* Be sure to set up a reminder for yourself to do this every day for 30 days because consistency is the key when it comes to shifting the energy you have with that person that’s not working for you.

Bonus Action: Throughout Your Day

As you go out into your day, notice anyone around you whose energy you don’t necessarily enjoy. Perhaps a selfish commuter, a noisy neighbor, a difficult coworker, etc.

Once you realize you are feeling annoyed by them, start to pay attention to ALL the things about them that you like, admire or appreciate. Their hair? The way they dress? Their eye color? That they are intelligent? Their tie?

Identify everything you are able that you like, admire or appreciate about that person. Then just let it all go and move on about your day. You will start to notice the benefits of this practice on keeping your own higher vibration intact.

From Venkat : I hope you liked this article. Don’t forget to post your feedback below.
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