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What are Chakras?chakra healing

Although most people have heard of seven chakras, there are actually 114 in the body.

The human body is a complex energy form; in addition to the 114 chakras, it also has 72,000 “nadis,” or energy channels, along which vital energy or “prana” moves.

When the nadis meet at different points in the body, they form a Junction. We call this Junction a chakra, which means “wheel.”

We call it a wheel because it symbolizes growth, dynamism and movement.

There are 7 main chakras, and many other secondary chakras. The locations of the 7 main chakras correspond closely to that of the endocrine glands.

In the “vertical” plane, there is one chakra located at the head (crown chakra) and another at the perineum (root chakra).

There are 5 others located in the horizontal plane, one each at the 3rd eye, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus and the pelvis.

Each of the chakras on the horizontal plane has a front and a rear aspect.


In general, the front aspects of the chakras relate to our emotions, the back aspects to our will .


A healthy chakra spins clockwise and takes in energy. An unhealthy chakra spins anticlock wise and distorts the energy it takes in and when doing so, it does not nourish the body and spirit in a healthy way.

What does a chakra imbalance represent ?

As stated, an unhealthy chakra distorts the energy that it takes in. If this unbalanced state persists for long periods of time, the physical body, glands, organs and our psyche are affected.

This leads to disease, or dis-ease. When we are diseased, we do not live our true selves and generally are not happy.

All disease and dis-ease manifest first in the energy field before they become manifested in the physical reality.

The distortions described above become habitual defence mechanisms developed from the specific childhood wounds and traumas for each individual.

These images, limiting beliefs and defence mechanisms become our personalities and govern how we interact with others thereby “shaping and controlling” our lives.

In many different ways, they stifle our life force and distort or squelch the creative impulses that well up from our Core.

How can this be healed ?

Chakras can be rebalanced through energy work and work on the self.

As a healer, I use various techniques of energy healing to charge and balance the energy field. This brings the chakras back to a state of balance and allows them to nourish the body in a healthy way.

This also affects our relationships in a positive way.

By working on the energy field in this way for several sessions, the field becomes balanced and stabilizes over time.

When the field is stable, the body can use the energy to heal itself. The person also has a different, more wholesome life experiencetree of life.

The creative energy is not distorted as it emerges from the Core and so the person is able to make better choices in the moment.

This leads to healthier relationships.

Part of the work that I do in my Chakra meditation energy healing program is to help the client become aware of the dynamics that keeps him or her stuck in the habitual ways.

Once this is brought to consciousness and the energy field is balanced and stabilized, then transformation can occur.

The number of sessions required is different for each individual person.

This work is complementary to any other healing modality and helps to heal faster.

For true healing to take place, the deeper reasons for sickness must be addressed.

The healing process results in not only the alleviation of symptoms but an inner freeing, a maturation, which restores a healthy equilibrium.

Chakra healing takes this a step further and points out that many other sicknesses have their roots in deeper levels of our being.

Emotional illnesses have causes that are related to a lack of serenity, inner strength and peace.

Stomach disorders, for example, often develop from spiritual and mental troubles that stem from trying to stamp down irritation and a tendency to become angry.

Chakra healing aims at healing these energetic disorders. It works to bring order to the assorted levels of energy.

At the same time, it can amplify our awareness and lead us to deeper levels of consolidation and understanding.

To gauge the true causes of our physical ailments, it is helpful to reckon the different areas of the body that are governed by each of the chakras.

By considering why you experience a particular illness, you can gain valuable insights. The analysis of the deeper causes of ill health always leads to increased self-awareness.

My Chakra test does exactly that.