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If you want to know why you must INCREASE your chakra power I suggest, you listen to my audiopodcast-1 on either my website or on ITUNES.

Most of the time you are not even aware that there is power loss from your chakras. There are different ways to consolidate and stop the power leak from your chakras in the etheric body.

Chakra POWER


The main reason you lose chakra power is because you are always leaning forward emotionally and psychologically.

You always lean towards some person, some future, some past, some wish, some addiction etc. Meaning your etheric body is constantly leaning towards that something or someone in terms of energy.

And in this process, you lose your vital force/energy, since energy goes where the mind goes, the more your mind is focused on someone or something the more energy you are giving away and the less power you have.

Since the solar plexus is the personal power chakra, an energetic cord is developed between you and the other. The more you lean greater the energy transfer and weaker you become.

In that weak state, you lose your emotional balance and jump from one desire to another, one relationship to another, as you do not have enough chakra power and resulting in confusion, frustration and indecision.

Consider this, when you are walking, even if there is a small crack or obstacle on the floor you will either fall or become off balance.

In the same way when you are leaning emotionally and psychologically towards some person or future or desire or addiction, and if someone makes a casual remark or a comment or a small change in the behavior or environment or a setback will put you off balance and you will fall on your face so to speak.

Though the obstacle was small, but because of your leaning the impact appears to be BIG.

Three types of leaning

Leaning is of three types.

1. Leaning towards objects
2. Leaning towards Timeline (Past and Future)
3. Leaning towards people

1. Leaning towards objects

Why do you lean towards objects?

You will lean towards objects, when you get desperate to possess them. the first step is to plan your life in such a way that you are not desperate for anything.

Because that desperation will make you incline towards objects mentally and emotionally. This will produce lot of low energy vibrations causing you to vibrate at lower frequencies.

So even if some good things are coming your way, you will not experience them because you have lowered your frequency and are filled with desperation.

As you move forward in your life, your desperate energy will push you to take a left turn while all the goodies are waiting for you on the right turn.

When you don’t get what, you want, you get more desperate and the cycle of disappointment starts.

In that state, leaning occurs. Your etheric body is not standing firm on its feet but its falling forward causing you to lose a lot of your chakra power.

This may be frightening at first however if you think and plan you can avoid being desperate.

Often if you are desperate for something it’s a sign that you are fulfilling your ego’s whims and fancies.

You are desperate because maybe you want to impress someone, or maybe you want to show off or maybe you want others to think how great and wonderful you are…

There can be many reasons and most of them are a result of bad planning, unrealistic expectations and ego boosters.

You can avoid all of them, if you know the price you are paying in the process of acquiring them.

All in all, what’s the other option to inclining? Another option to inclining is pulling those things towards you as opposed to you running behind them!

How do you do that? Follow all the three steps discussed in this blog post then see how you can pull things towards you as opposed to chasing them.

2. Leaning towards Timeline (Past and Future)

The second step is to stop leaning in to future or past.

Be content with what you have. Do not under-estimate this simple fact. You have no idea how much power that statement has. You will regain control of your energy just by following that simple statement.

When you are truly content with what you have, that contentment leads to centering of your energy, which leads to gratitude

This is done by staying in this present moment. Staying with your breath is the easiest way to be in this moment.

Observe your breath every second then you cannot help but stay in the present.

You must learn to be secure in this moment. Yes, you will still have certain insecurities, fear of future and guilt from past but develop gratitude to what you already have.

When you accept everything that you have in your life, instead of struggling against life you will start flowing with life. Then you will move beyond success and failure, happiness and sadness, you will enter a zone so to speak, where your life becomes a field of all possibilities.

This develops a strong vibration of energy around you, which leads to a stronger aura. This aura enhances your life experiences, and you will embark a journey of magic and miracle in your life.

The key to having a strong etheric body is to be balanced emotionally and psychologically. Remember your emotions control the energy quotient of your etheric body.

That’s what you wanted in your life, Isn’t it? Try it, but before that you must remove the false prestige, remove the desire to be appreciated in the society, instead be content with what you have and see magic unfolding in your life.

When you do this, you are not leaning in to future or past but firmly established in the present.

Now let’s move on to the third step

3. Leaning towards people

The third step is to stop leaning on people constantly. Don’t drain others by your emotional and psychological dependence. This will make others uncomfortable as you suck their energy.

You will feel like a dead weight for them as they do not have enough chakra power to meet thier own emotional and psychological requirements. Why is that they don’t have enough power?

A. Most people are as insecure as you are
B. They are also looking up to someone, to lean on
C. They have their own problems and issues to face

Your leaning will suffocate and drain them and eventually they will run away from you.

The other disadvantage is that, sooner or later they will realize your insecurity and weakness as you are sending them energy through your solar plexus and start manipulating you for their own selfish needs and comforts.

So, one you will lose them and two you might get manipulated. And I am sure you don’t want both to happen to you.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help, sometimes you can!! But there is a difference between asking help and constantly leaning.

A little unemotional leaning is fine, as people will help you out in times of struggle, but too much of it will put them off.

So, the important attitude you must cultivate in retaining your chakra power is to STOP leaning and START standing straight on your feet firmly not just physically but energetically also.

When you are most vulnerable to lean on others is the time to discipline your ego. Exercise control by following the step two which is to stay in the present moment.

Remain inside the power where you feel generally secure and work on controlling the inner self.

Teach your ego with the goal that you move from its illusory world to the eternal certainty of soul. There you will feel secure and your weakness will step by step melt.

You will move beyond success and failure, happiness and sadness.

So, acknowledge the comings and goings of life, and stream to your most elevated greatness with little resistance and awesome happiness.

Once your etheric body is no longer twitching forward and backward, and falling over itself you will experience the Chakra POWER. Then you will have the capacity to see the true nature of things and not as they appear.

A quantum jump occurs inside and an incredible sensitivity drops on you.

So, we have come to the end of the post and I hope you will discipline yourself and retain your chakra power by practicing the techniques discussed.

Please do leave your comments if you have liked the post.

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  • By Veena K
    Posted 11th January 2017 3:42 pm 0Likes

    Excellent post! Specially strikes a chord with me. I have fleetingly experienced this centered, content feeling at times and I know exactly what you talk about here about leaning throwing you out of balance.

  • By Vijetha
    Posted 11th January 2017 7:03 pm 0Likes

    As my most trusted channel of universe,this post from your end has for sure created awareness in mapping where am I standing in life cycle this information has reached me itself is a possibility that I can create my life for better by working on my chakras.
    Thank you Mentor

  • By Raju
    Posted 12th January 2017 11:12 am 0Likes

    Thank you venkat sir we are waiting for more post from you and this post is really good and Leaning towards Timeline (Past and Future) step cleared me.

  • By Suman Rao
    Posted 12th January 2017 11:02 pm 0Likes

    Awesomely explained Venkat Sir.
    Have to learn to put the techniques into practice, especially, to stay in the present moment and the Gratitude.
    Thanks for sharing. ??

  • By Ramasri Mudumba
    Posted 22nd March 2017 12:04 pm 0Likes

    Very true and I like your explanation.

  • By kavita
    Posted 23rd November 2017 6:48 pm 0Likes

    Thank you Mr.Venkata ramana murthy for sharing this insight and clarity, reading this article instantly empowered me to bring back my attention and focus within. Gratitude.

  • By Parul jain
    Posted 31st December 2020 1:04 am 0Likes

    this article is simply superb. Each word seem to just fit into what

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