Chakra meditation healing


A unique way of healing the chakras through meditation.Healing your chakras will open the gateway to health, wealth, and bliss.This is the path of realizing this true inner spiritual self through physical and mental development.

A person may join this program with only one goal in mind, for example relief of back pain. However, chakra meditation healing can develop the mental and spiritual faculties of the practitioner. This meditation can purify and energize the body and calm the mind if one practises with concentration on the breath and chakras.

Each of these chakras is a storehouse of vital energy and consciousness. if we meditate deeply on these centres, they can become stimulated and in turn awaken latent potential and provide us with opportunities to master the mind and senses and experience higher planes of consciousness.

This chakra meditation healing will help you in

  • Maintenance of health and homeostasis of the body
  • Supports the health of the tissues
  • Systematic strengthening of muscular system,digestive and elimination systems
  • Stress relief
  • Sound sleep
  • Emotional stability

 In these twenty meditative sessions (30 min each) spread over a month, you will:

  • Experience the power hidden in each chakra through practices that open surprising new doors and healing.
  • Experience  Seven guided meditations for seven major chakras
  • Experience the most powerful way to use chakras for self healing
  • Learn how to use your chakras for manifesting relationships,career and luck.chakra meditation healing
  • Understand how to align the energy centers for maximum efficiency.
  • How to use your chakras to access your intuition .
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself, with your family, and with the divine.

The investment in this life changing program is Rs 15000/-


If you are interested in this program please connect with me. You can pay through your debit/credit card or through net banking whichever is convenient.