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It was really great having the sessions with you because they were very easy to implement and follow. Those sessions made me calm and anxiety was one of the reasons for my speech problem. Now, my parents and i both find a good change in my speech. I think now it’s me who needs to stay calm and follow up what i learnt in the sessions. I would definitely continue the sessions if i find a problem within me again. And I’d really like to thank you so much for taking out time from your busy schedule and devoting your time towards my problem. My speech wouldn’t have improved if i hadn’t have those sessions.Prateek, Hyderabad


We have approached MR.Venakat Ramana Murthy who has the ability to Heal the people problems through his immense Knowledge in “CHAKARA HEALING”, to make improvement in my sons concentration towards studies. We are observing the lot of improvement in his concentration levels in his studies . This is wonderful technique of healing a person remotely without any side effects. We sincerely recommend others to take the services of Venkat Ramana Murthy and all the best in his career. -Nagaraj, Hyderabad

The word HEALING sounded complicated initially but to my surprise, it worked wonders.My back pain which just dint want to leave me, had to go because of your healing. It has also instilled a lot of confidence and optimism in me. Thanks a lot! Way to go! Akshita Gupta, Secunderabad

 Prashanth was diagnosed with cervical spondylitis in early march and was having a tough time with it. Doctors advised me bed rest and cut down on my travelling, which I could not afford as my job involves lot of travelling and meeting clients. I was under medication and was prescribed muscle relaxant pills but that was not giving me any permanent relief. That’s when I met Venkat from chakra Healing at the BNI meet and decided to try his services. Though I’ve never heard about this method of cure through healing, I was curious as to how it will workHe told me I don’t have to do anything, and he will do everything at his end from home. I wasn’t sure about this but still said OK, and after four days, I started feeling better. Now my pain has gone completely as if someone has removed it magically and that too for a fraction of the cost I would otherwise have had to spend in hospitals. I feel that this was a miracle and would like to thank him profusely for this.I will recommend everyone to try his services for their physical and psychological ailments. -Prashanth, Hyderabad

 I have used the services of “Chakra Healing” in the month of may 2014. I found the healing very useful in the aspects specified by me. Venkat’s approach to distance healing is very structured, specific, result oriented and professional. I recommend Venkat’s Healing sessions/ packages to get rid of long standing physical conditions as well as emotional baggage. In today’s era of alternate therapies, Venkat is a boon to many ailing souls 🙂 -Mahua Gorthi, Transforming images

A superb trainer who pays great attention to minute details in teaching. He resolves all questions that rises in the minds of students and trains an individual in how to heal his/her own chakras very well. A very patient, dedicated and passionate person in his work, he is a mentor to many students inspiring each one of them. I owe gratitude to my mentor and guru Venkat sir as my profession is soaring new heights after the chakra-healing workshop. Nothing is impossible! Thank you Venkat sir” -Nisha, Hyderabad Workshop participant.

Mentor, what you taught us in the workshop is perfectly working. All of a sudden, my worst critics are telling me that I have changed, that I am looking radiant! I have stopped trying to convince others to do what I think is right. Thank you so much! -Vijetha, Bangalore Workshop Participant

“This has been a life changing experience! I know now that YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY!!” Award winning fashion photographer, Shehtab Khan, Hyderabad workshop participant

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyday I feel like thanking you for what you have given me” -Bangalore workshop participant

Enjoyed the first day of Chakra Workshop conducted by Kuruva Venkataramanamurthy …Looking forward to the second session tomorrow … There’s so much to be known …Im glad im a student of Life…& Spiritual learning …Thank U ! -Bangalore workshop participant

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